Heather Starlet


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  • Alias: Janie Summers, Heather Starlet, Janie Summers
  • Birthplace Dayton
  • Born August, 1989 (Leo)
  • Height 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Weight 125 lbs.
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Measurements 36B-26-36
Janie Summers is the sweet blond next door who always has a smile and a giggle. Janie is the bubbly cheerleader whose panties show every time she's tossed high into the air. Janie is the Midwestern girl shooting hoops on the driveway and making out in the back of a Camaro. Janie is the beauty who haunts men's memories as they regret never making a move. With the signing of her exclusive Digital Playground contract, guys can stop wondering what could've been and start exploring the soft, natural curves of Janie's perky breasts, the creaminess of her skin, and the sexuality radiating from her blue eyes. Janie Summers is ready to be the object of every person's obsession.

The all-natural Janie Summers is 20-years-old, 5'7" tall, and 125 lbs. Born and raised in Ohio, she has an innate love for sports, especially basketball and the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a former cheerleader, Janie definitely knows how to inspire a man. The horny fan can't help sliding a hand between her legs when she thinks about the sweaty bodies bumping together and the rippling muscles of the athletes. Janie spends hours each day in the gym so she can be ready for any chance to play some one-on-one.

Before signing with Digital Playground, Janie attended college for a nursing degree. She is intrigued by the human body and eager to explore every sensual inch of both men and women. Turned on by more than physical allure, Janie is fascinated by the mind and the origin of people's most illicit thoughts. Better understanding of her own body and kinky mind allows Janie to experience the toe-curling, orgasmic sex most only dream about. Janie has become a master of the oral arts and feels her sexual desires best satisfied when she is bent over in her favorite position, doggie-style.

Passionate to her core, Janie is true to her astrological sign, Leo. Her strong sexual urges led her to begin nude modeling. Stimulated by the taboo nature of removing her clothes in front of strangers, Janie decided she was ready to move on to the next level of erotic thrills--adult films. As a Digital Playground contract girl, Janie is excited to work on high quality movies with the top performers in the industry. Instinctively submissive, Janie is looking forward to letting her contract sister Jesse Jane® take control and break her in.

Janie Summers knows that the superficial aspects of her life will change as a result of the stardom she achieves under Digital Playground's guidance, however she is fully confident her beliefs and values will stay intact. Despite all the lustful fans, brilliant magazine covers, and coveted awards that lie in her future, Janie will remain a kind-hearted, family-oriented, sports fan. She simply happens to have a knock-out body and ferocious appetite for sex.

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