Chanel Preston


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  • Birthplace Fairbanks
  • Born December, 1985 (Sagittarius)
  • Height 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight 130 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Measurements 32D-26-32
  • Best New Starlet
    - XBIZ (2011)
Delicate beauty - the symbolic meaning of Hawaii's hibiscus - is apropos when describing tanned goddess Chanel Preston. Chanel's long, slender legs and large, full breasts attract lustful stares and obsession about the sweetness of her own flower. However, the similarities between Chanel and the delicate hibiscus stop there. Before wading through the waves on the beaches of Hawaii, the 24-year-old Chanel absorbed the strength and independence derived from a childhood in central Alaska. As a result, the exotic looking stunner has an impulsive, adventuresome personality befitting of a Sagittarius, which makes her a natural performer, eager to amaze.

Growing up in Alaska, Chanel went through normal phases of exploration, like giggly adolescent and rebellious teenager. The one thing that always remained constant was her love for performing. Whether it was reciting lines of Shakespeare in the community theater, or awing her family with piano recitals of Rachmaninoff's concertos, Chanel fed off the energy of the crowd. Dancing, painting and playing the trumpet were additional ways Chanel experienced the performance high. Now the sexy star captures the same feeling starring in adult movies.

For Chanel, boredom equals death, so she quickly developed a "try anything once" motto in life. This daring attitude led her to join the wrestling team in high school, despite the coach's resentment towards having a girl on the team. Raised with the concept of gender equality, Chanel received her first lesson in discrimination on the gym mats. The further she was pushed to fail, the more Chanel desired to succeed - an attribute still strong within her today.

Chanel is sure all those hours grappling with the guys will prove helpful as she takes her moves to the bedroom. Staying fit for the cameras, Chanel maintains her lean body through countless hours running on Hawaii's beaches and swimming in it's ocean. She has even her sights set on kickboxing to stay active and build up her endurance for all the impending marathon sex sessions.

Maintaining a healthy perspective on sex, Chanel believes in quality over quantity. Naturally submissive when enjoying the company of a man, Chanel recently discovered sex with another girl releases her dominant side. In fact, her newest fantasy is to administer an after-school detention to an innocent, 18-year-old schoolgirl. A quest for sexual self-education taught Chanel her orgasms are most powerful in her favorite position, missionary. Also, her kinky nature led to an affinity for butt plugs. Before getting her in the bedroom though, a man must turn Chanel on by displaying a powerful sense of confidence. A man with the allure of mystery and secrets also stimulates Chanel, as her unbridled passion leads to sensual spontaneity.

Impulsiveness runs through Chanel's veins and guides the majority of her actions, from men, to moving to Hawaii, to occasionally jumping out of planes. The self-proclaimed exhibitionist's decision to enter into adult entertainment was carefully thought out though. Within seconds of performing her first strip tease on stage, Chanel knew she made the right decision. Chanel is capable of doing anything, but she chose adult entertainment. people to reevaluate their stereotypes of the industry is one of the many rewards Chanel discovered, in addition to all the hot sex.

Chanel Preston entered the world of adult entertainment in 2010 and already filmed movies for top production studios, Hustler, Vivid and Wicked, as well as landed upcoming covers for Hot Video, Club, Cheri and High Society. Chanel was selected for the prestigious position of Trophy Girl for the 2010 XRCO and F.A.M.E. award shows. In a short time, Chanel positioned herself as one of the most visible new adult film stars in the industry, demonstrated by her 2010 NightMoves award for Best New Starlet. In addition to her regular blog for, Chanel became the first guest blogger for With increasing exposure, Chanel is well on her way to becoming one of the demanded sex symbols in the world.

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