Chanel Preston


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  • Birthplace Fairbanks
  • Born December, 1985 (Sagittarius)
  • Height 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight 130 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Measurements 32D-26-32
  • Best New Starlet
    - XBIZ (2011)
Delicate beauty - the symbolic meaning of Hawaii's hibiscus - is apropos when describing tanned goddess Chanel Preston. Chanel's long, slender legs and large, full breasts attract lustful stares and obsession about the sweetness of her own flower. However, the similarities between Chanel and the delicate hibiscus stop there. Before wading through the waves on the beaches of Hawaii, the 24-year-old Chanel absorbed the strength and independence derived from a childhood in central Alaska. As a result, the exotic looking stunner has an impulsive, adventuresome personality befitting of a Sagittarius, which makes her a natural performer, eager to amaze.

Chanel is a porn mogul who shoots smut movies yes, but she is so much more than a pornstar. She is an advocate for pornstar and sex worker rights and is also passionate about adult sex education. Chanel has a podcast called The Sex Think Show, which is all about different aspects of sex and sexuality. She is one of the go-to honeys that major publications consult when they have questions about anything sexy. Chanel has served as the president of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, which is a group led by performers that advocate for their rights. One thing that happened which brought Chanel into mainstream news was when a bank apparently discriminated her against because of her profession. She was allegedly denied a bank account due to "moral issues." This brought to light the problems that sex workers everywhere tend to face, and Chanel was happy to be a spokesperson for an important topic.

Before doing porn she was living in Hawaii and then she moved to LA to pursue her pornstar dreams. Chanel was a stripper before porn and she also has an esthetician's license, meaning that she provides quality skin care to people. She started stripping because she was curious about it and it seemed like a lot of fun. While she was a stripper, she met some pornstars who helped her get into porn. She actually liked being in porn more than stripping. In the club, you have to be on guard all the time and try to hustle people. With porn, she can just show up to set, and have a good time and then go home.

Chanel is known for some interesting tattoos just above her breasts and in her pubic area.

Chanel is a powerhouse performer. Whether she is dominating people in BDSM porn movies or just having "vanilla" sex, her beauty and power emanate forth. She is incredible!

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