Rae Lil Black

Lil Black


  • Born August, 1996 (Leo)
  • Height 5 ft. 0 in.
  • Weight 99 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Black
  • Measurements 28C-26-38

Rae Lil Black Porn Star Biography

Rae Lil Black is a tattooed Japanese starlet whose career in the adult industry began in 2018.

Early Life

Rae Lil Black was born in Osaka, Japan in 1996. She struggled with anger issues in her youth until her father introduced her classic rock. From there, Rae found she was a big fan of black metal, and credits the music with saving her life. Rae got her first introduction to porn through the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape, and credits it with piquing her interest about performing. After high school, Rae appeared in a few Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) and escorted a bit before moving to Germany at age 20. Once there, Rae dipped her toes in the European adult industry and made a name for herself on tube sites.


Rae Lil Black is an intercontinental superstar, traveling often between her native Japan, Europe, and the US for work. In 2019, she was chosen to present the Pornhub Awards, of which she was very nervous but excited to be recognized. Rae is a fan of kinbaku-a Japanese form of bondage that restricts movement entirely. She also says that sweat is a big turn-on for her. She identifies as a bisexual switch, and says that threesome scenes are some of her favorites.

Interesting Facts

Rae Lil Black can speak three languages fluently: English, Japanese, and German.

Rae travels twice a year to Europe to attend various metal festivals. Her favorite band is Mayhem. She isn't just a music fan, however; she's an avid drummer who credits Tommy Lee as her personal inspiration.

Star Quotes

"There aren't many Japanese performers who have tattoos and piercings. The Japanese stereotype is 'kawaii,' meaning 'cute,' but I wanted to show people that we can be hardcore inside and out! Also, there aren't many performers who are also metalheads out there. So I guess that's one of the things that makes me unique."