Dillion Harper


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  • Alias: Dillon Harper, Dillon
  • Birthplace Jupiter
  • Born September, 1991 (Libra)
  • Height 5 ft. 5 in.
  • Weight 114 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Measurements 34C-24-36
  • Freaky Four: AE Girls Division Winner
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2015)
  • Overall Winner
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2015)
  • Freaky Four: Final Femme All-Stars
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2016)
  • Overall Winner
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2016)
  • Freaky Four: Division #3 Winner
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2017)
  • Overall Winner
    - Adult Empire Final Femme (2017)
Dillion Harper is a wildly popular pornstar who has a face that is just so adorable. It's part of her appeal. She definitely looks like a girl that is super innocent, but she is totally filthy, which is why people love her. She is originally from Florida and she was going to college to become a dental hygienist. However, she felt like the prospect of doing that for her whole life wasn't too great.

Dillion started doing webcamming and was also working as a waitress at a chain Italian restaurant. She was working hard to pay all her bills but then she was downsized from the restaurant when the economy crashed. She heard about how much she could make if she went down to Miami to work for BangBros, and that was what she did. She had such a great time and she had never even watched porn before, meaning that she was made for this type of thing.

She got her unique porn name because her agent tried to convince her to pick the name Dylan, but she didn't like it because she thought it was too masculine. Together they came up with the name Dillion, which sounded a bit more feminine. Dillion Harper is well known for a few different things. She is great at giving super sloppy blowjobs. She is also known for her all-natural figure that has 34C tits, a 24" waist and a 36" ass that will wow you. Sometimes her tits fluctuate between a C cup and a D cup. Sometimes she can also squirt, which is a talent she has learned about in porn movies. She loves doing it but can't always make it happen. She also loves getting a facial cumshot and swallowing jizz.

Dillion is a hot beauty ready to rock your world with her sweet smile and her love of anything freaky. She doesn't really do anal but she does love rimming. Hopefully more booty movies are coming in the future for her gorgeous ass.

Between 2015 and 2017, she won Adult Empire's Final Femme competition a record three straight times. Biography Text ©Adult DVD Empire