Ariella Ferrera


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  • Alias: Elle Ferrara
  • Birthplace Medellin
  • Born January, 1979 (Capricorn)
  • Height 5 ft. 5 in.
  • Weight 114 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Measurements 34DD-25-34
Sometimes, it's all in a name! It is no coincidence that Ariella sounds very much like "areola." Ariella Ferrera knows that her breasts are one of her most eye-catching features, so she decided to incorporate a sly reference to them in her stage name. Her surname, meanwhile, is a callback to her Colombian heritage, but in the end, the story of the lovely Ariella goes far beyond the tidbits derived from her porn pseudonym! (After all, this is the same star who once drolly noted, "I can use my vagina as a flame-thrower and/or fire extinguisher.")

She was born in Medellin, Colombia, in the late 1970s. A tomboy at heart, she also possessed a vivid imagination as a child, sometimes acting out fantasies where she would pretend she was a superhero. Her family moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was five, allowing her to become exposed to the full breadth of American culture from an early age, while retaining the influences of her birth country. After a variety of odd jobs as a teenager, Ariella settled into a stable career as a dental hygienist. She soon tired of the profession, though, and craved something new and exciting. Her life changed when she encountered a pornstar by chance, who introduced her to the world of adult entertainment. She shot her first scenes in 2009, quickly appearing in movies for Reality Kings, Brazzers, Devil's Film, and more. "It felt so natural that I knew this was for me. It was intense and I had no issue cumming multiple times!" she said in a 2017 interview with Pornstar Platinum.

While highly photogenic, Ariella prefers shooting video scenes over traditional photoshoots, since she finds the format of still-photo sessions somewhat limiting. Over the course of her career, Ferrera has shot several double-penetration scenes, a genre that she finds particularly exciting. "There's an over-abundance of stimulation. It's very euphoric!" she said in 2017. In a video interview with Dragon Dave, she mentioned that she has three trademark characteristics in addition to her distinctive areolas: her "bush," her passion for blowjobs, and her wild orgasms ("My orgasm are so intense they call me thumper because my legs shake non-stop").

In terms of personal preferences and faves, Ariella enjoys hiking and physical activities, says the Chicago Bulls are her favorite sports team, and considers the famous Hitachi as her go-to sex toy.

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