Capri Anderson


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  • Alias: Alexis Capri, Alexis Capri, Stella Constanza, Stel
  • Birthplace New York
  • Born March, 1988 (Aries)
  • Height 5 ft. 6 in.
  • Weight 110 lbs.
  • Eye Color Green
  • Hair Blonde
  • Measurements 36B-24-34
  • Best Supporting Actress
    - AVN (2013)
The dark blonde, 5'6" beauty with pouty lips and smoky green eyes was born in Van Nuys, though she has spent most of her life in New York and Florida. She recalls a fun-filled childhood with a focus on dancing but also with enough studying to get her into the National Honor Society.

While a college student in Miami, she made a sex tape with her boyfriend and sold it to a website to make money. "We thought that a few people in our neighborhood might wind up seeing that tape, but it turned out it was most of Dade County. I totally blew my cover," says Capri, "but it was my introduction to adult entertainment and I can honestly say that it changed my perception of myself. It's helped me become a woman and given me new found confidence. Becoming a Vivid Girl is a very exciting giant step for me. It means I'll be surrounded by top professionals who will bring out the best in me."

"I'm not sure yet how I'll get to the Vivid movie sets since I have a bit of a problem when it comes to driving. So far I've been in 17 crashes and as a result I'm now very resourceful when it comes to transportation. I walk or use buses, trains, taxis, bicycles and every once in a while, I'll get up my courage and borrow or rent a car. I feel confident in every area of my life except driving and so I'm putting off a decision to buy a car," she says.

Capri says she's definitely the romantic type and loves to be affectionate with guys she cares about. "Of course a sense of humor in a man is paramount because I love to laugh and have a good time. He also needs to be independent, intelligent and have a strong sense of romance."

She works out through dancing and has favorite studios on both the east and west coasts where she can be found two or three days a week. She has an apartment in Brooklyn and is looking for one in L.A.

When she's not dancing to work out, she's playing soccer or baseball and loves to go clubbing. She reads and goes to art galleries for relaxation and has already started a modest art collection. She's rarely without her iPod which holds a collection of mostly classic rock, jazz and dub step music.

Biography Text © Vivid Capri Anderson (A/K/A Stella and Alexis Capri) was briefly the most famous porn performer in the world. Anderson started out in the adult entertainment industry at age 18 by making a sex tape with her boyfriend that was subsequently sold to an adult website. This auburn-haired beauty at 5'6 makes some seriously hot porn. She started doing porn in 2007 and has appeared in nearly 100 adult films since. Capri Anderson has worked with nearly all the top producers in this business like Vivid, Bang Productions, and Zero Tolerance. Moreover, she has been featured with leading male porn co-stars like the legendary Tom Byron in the film Runaway. Fame in the adult entertainment business was just the first course in satisfying the insatiable gastronomical palate of this hungry young starlet. Her appetite for fame turned to notoriety in her widely publicized association with mainstream actor Charlie Sheen in 2010. For publicity seekers like this CAPRIcious young star, any publicity is their goal.


Lovely, slender Capri Anderson was born on March 30, 1988, in New York City, although she spent some of her formative years growing up in both New York and Florida. The leggy, green-eyed beauty is an all-natural hottie weighing 110 pounds. Of course, conforming to today's standards, she sports the obligatory tattoos and body piercings. An accomplished dancer and equestrian as a child, she was also in the National Honor Society in grade school. She began her hardcore career in 2007, and in March 2011, Capri signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment Group. That Capri was born for sex is borne out in her early casting-couch auditions. In the film, Virgins on the Screen 6, a precocious teenager Alexis Capri (one of her early pseudonyms) seduces a teenage neighbor while mom's away. In this gonzo performance Capri knew how to work the camera even as a teen.

In another early casting film, Capri was introduced as a college co-ed looking to find work as a sex performer. As she broke into a tease routine to shed her clothing for the producer/interviewer, she stripped off her scant garments to give the prying camera a better view of her willing, tight body. This action resulted in a solo session without being prompted or asked to do so by the producer. This naughty youngster took over the scene direction telling the producer, "You'd better get the guy in here before I cum." Even after the hunk-du-jour arrived, young Capri was obviously more experienced than any virgin or novice porn-wanna-be. One couldn't ignore how expertly she deep-throated her waiting partner who also couldn't resist commenting on whether this was her first taste (a nod to the film's title). A novice looking to land a job, she looked an awful lot like a pro-even then. The well-hung partner, still in disbelief that this was indeed Capri's first on-camera blowjob, asked again, "Are you sure this is your first time?" First or not, the stud enjoyed every jaw-dropping moment of her performance. An energetic partner in this instance, nothing about Alexis Capri's performance in that early phase of her career was passive, a description which follows her today.

Films, Co-Stars and Studios

Performing content in most of the usual erotic categories including oral, solo and group with both men and women, and because Capri Anderson is so talented, there is no shortage of porn stars (men and women) that are eager to share the limelight with her. As such, she has commanded and worked the stage with many of the top-named performers in the business. Capri made headlines when it was reported that she was with Charlie Sheen on October 26, 2010, at New York's Plaza Hotel where she witnessed Sheen cause $7,000 in damage to a room. Capri said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that Sheen was and threatened to kill her; she also locked herself in a bathroom to avoid being possibly hurt by Sheen. Sheen in turn accused Anderson of extortion and claimed she asked for $1 million in order to keep his name out of the press." Lawsuits and countersuits by each of the "so-called aggrieved" parties were later dropped as each star sought to "save face." Interestingly enough, her reputation subsequently would be redeemed two years later when she would become the AVN-nominated "Crossover Star of the Year."


An extremely popular actress, Capri Anderson's awards are for her recent works. Winning the AVN Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2013 is thus far her crowning glory. With no signs of separating from this business, it is clear that Capri Anderson is likely to garner additional accolades for her work well into the future.