Heather Vandeven



  • Alias: Heather Vuur, Heather Vandenven
  • Birthplace Hollywood
  • Born September, 1980 (Virgo)
  • Height 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight 115 lbs.
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Hair Blonde
  • Measurements 34C-26-36
Heather's beginnings were simple; she came into this world in September under the sign of Virgo the Virgin. She grew up in Northern California the land of hippies and with her loving and supportive family.

Heather has a propensity for self challenge and adventure. She embarked on her first major adventure by enlisting in US Army at the age of 17. While attending school and completing two degrees, one in teaching, another in art. She was formally trained by the Army in various weapons technologies, hand to hand combat and food inspection.

Heather has traveled the world living in places like China where she designed jewelry, Costa Rica where she was a jungle and tree top canopy guide, and Europe purely for the culture of it. During these worldwide travels and adventures, Heather came to the realization she had an intense desire to live out her childhood dream of modeling and acting.

Which brought her to Los Angeles where she has worked consistently in both acting and modeling for the past five years. She has graced the covers of several magazines and has appeared in numerous television shows, independent and studio films, popular music videos, fashion shows, and in a diverse collection of print and commercial advertisements.

In Early 2007 Heather was named Penthouse Magazine's Pet of the Year, an endorsement of her physical beauty and ability to represent a national brand in television, film, radio, and publicly thorough out the world.

And now she has launched her own web site as portal to showcase the naughty side that was always hiding within.

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