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Diamond Foxxx


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  • Alias: Diamond Foxxx
  • Birthplace Albany
  • Born January, 1973 (Capricorn)
  • Height 5 ft. 0 in.
  • Weight 105 lbs.
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Blonde
  • Measurements 32DD+-23-33
  • Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene
    - AVN (2012)
I was born into a military family. My father was active Navy, my mother a Marine. I was born in Albany, GA at the Naval Center. My father later retied and mom got out to raise me and later had two brothers for me to terrorize. We eventually ended up in Virginia to settle down when dad retired. It was there where I met my first husband and became a MILF. I served on the volunteer rescue squad as an E.M.T. and truly loved saving people. I always wanted to be a trauma surgeon but wasn't quite smart enough. So it was the next best thing for me. I did it for 4 years. I divorced and moved on. I joined the Navy. I only served 11 months and 11 days. I was discharged OTH for having SEX! Off duty, off base, same pay grade. It was all legit, soo I thought. NOT. In the military, you can't have sex if you're single and only mish when you're married. Well, FUCK that. I turned 21 in boot camp and was single and horny. No way was I not going to screw anybody I wanted! So, I was ok with them sending me home, even though I really wanted to make a life of it, just as my daddy did.

But, it didn't work that way. So I went back home horny and alone. That is when I met my second and current husband and had my last baby. It wasn't until I met him and moved to Key West Fl that I discovered the world of porn. I was shy and reserved to a point. I originally got into porn to earn the $$ for real estate. The market was on fire and I had to be in it! But I had no money!

So, off to porn land I went. My first video was with Naughty America. I shot it February 20, 2004. It was My First Sex Teacher. I was scared to death. But it turns out to be a favorite for many fans. I decided after just a few shoots, I wanted and craved having sex with strange men. And I really loved doing it on camera. I REALLY loved knowing men were watching me fuck and knowing they were getting their stiff dicks off to me! It was such a turn on, I stayed in porn. I did take a 2.5 year break. In that time I contracted cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy. At first I was devastated, then realized, sex not longer hurt! I had a tilted cervix and uterus before and as many fans could see, sex was painful in all the "fun" positions. Now that it was all gone, no more pain. I turned into a real sex craved MILF. I couldn't get enough sex. So I went back into porn, loving it more and more with each steamy video.

I have grown a level of confidence every woman should have. I would never go back and change a thing, only I would have started when I was much younger. I have gotten prettier and sexier with age. I've learned more about my body and I better know what totally gets my pussy wet. And I love that! I am fortunate to have that in my life, and I owe it to you, my FANS! Thank you for being here.

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