Annie Cruz


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  • Alias: Anny Cruz, Annie Cruze, Nicole Noodle
  • Birthplace Stockton
  • Born November, 1984 (Scorpio)
  • Height 5 ft. 6 in.
  • Weight 122 lbs.
  • Eye Color Green
  • Hair Brown
  • Measurements 32C-24-36
  • Most Outrageous Sex Scene
    - AVN (2009)
I was born and raised in Stockton, CA, the asshole of northern California. Born the oldest to Filipino parents, I was raised Catholic, but I went to a Christian school up until high school. As time goes by, people change. Growing up, I was rather shy. At age 5, something didn't feel right "down there." I knew it felt good, but I was embarassed. In fact, I was so fascinated with my vagina, I showed it off to three other kids, when I was in Kindergarten. I had coaxed another girl and two boys to show me their goods. Someone ratted on us, and I remember getting into some deep trouble with my mom. By age 6, I had already passed the obsession with daddy 's Playboy Magazine collection and started watching scrambled porn on my television set. It would seem that I was destined for porn. When I got into middle school, I secretly fantasized about the women I lusted after at my school. I finally lost my virginity at age 16. I did well in school: Interact Club VP, Cheerleader, JH Cheer coach, journalism/yearbook TEACHER (my senior year), and drama club nerd. My passion for writing encouraged me to go onto college to study Mass Communiations - aka Print Journalism. I graduated in the top 5% of my senior class. I left high school having only had sex with two people ever in my entire life. Although sexually deprived, I held this secret sexual passion and desire, which didn't exactly escape me till college. I went to Dominican University of CA in San Rafael, a Catholic college north of San Francisco. I absolutely hated it with a passion. The only thing I got there aside excellent grades was great sex. And with that great sex came a sex problem. I went from being the inhibited young girl of the past to a nymphomaniac. My mother suggested I not return to that college, and I agreed...not because of the promiscuity it had brought of me -- but because the school was small and the academics were terrible. I have to say that I learned a lot about myself sexually. I did my first gang bang with 5 guys during my freshman year at that college. I didn't even know what a "DP" [double penetration=one in the pussy, one in the ass at the same time] was until I got into porn. All I knew is that it was great...and I loved it. I became an exhibitionist, and sex became my everyday vitamin. Some of the craziest places I have had sex in are: In the patio of the convent of my Catholic college, the study lounge, outside of the dorms against a tree, bail bonds office, outdoor basketball court, playground, and so many other crazy places. My sophomore year, I ended up proving myself to my family by moving to San Francisco on my own. I started a new college there and lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 guys in San Bruno, CA. One was my boyfriend, whom I cheated on numerous times. I suppose I just wasn't cut out for being in a relationship at the time. I was addicted to sex and being bisexual meant being confused to him, and the idea of my fucking a woman disgusted him. It also meant I was cheating, and I couldn't take it anymore. We broke up, and I finally moved into the beautiful city of San Francisco in the Sunset dream since I was a child. It was October 2003, when I had contacted an amateur porn producer in San Francisco []. I immediately was given the chance to do my first scene...a girl/girl scene. From that point on, I continued doing porn. Dick Webber shot me quite a few times and even flew me out to Vegas with him for AVN and AEE. It was a different experience for me. I had made lots of new one knew who I was because I was "new" but hadn't even gone to Los Angeles yet. Dick encouraged me not to go to LA. He advised me that I wasn't ready yet and to remain exclusive with him. I didn't want to. After going to AVN, I had the urge to do bigger things. So...I did. Against his wishes, I flew out to Las Vegas to work for another amateur company [Limelight]. I stayed a week there and worked for other companies as well, and then I went to LA for Asian Model Palooza. The guys from Limelight had taken me with them. The girl I was dating at the time was with me, and we ended up staying in LA after the Palooza. We were introduced to an agent, whom I ended up leaving shortly after being under her wing. I went through numerous agencies after her. I wasn't content until joining the top agency in June 2005 - LA Direct Models. I have experienced so many wonderful things in this business and have met great people. I had come into this business dating another woman. We were together a while, and I seriously did not think that I would ever date men again. However, sex with men was still a must ... using men for sex was a hobby for my girlfriend and me. Although our long-term relationship ended, I didn't stay single for very long afterward. Indeed, she broke my heart, but I moved on. We still talk to this day now, and sometimes, I wonder what life would be like had we not broken up. Erotica LA, June 19, 2004 - I met the greatest person in the world. My best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my husband, my everything. I'll admit it...I had a crush on Jack Lawrence long before I even met him. I had known his face from the pictures I had drooled over on my former agent's website. Anyone that knows me can vouch that definitely isn't like me to do any such thing. I was signing autographs at Erotica LA, when the production manager from Naughty America approached me. She had informed me that they still didn't have a guy for me to work with for our scheduled shoot that week. Hours later, she came to me, "You're working with Jack Lawrence." I smiled in glee. Fuck, I hadn't even met the guy until later that evening! Five days later, we shot our first scene together. Ten minutes into our scene, Jack leaned into me and whispered low enough so that the camera couldn't catch it. "I would really like to see you off-camera." I smiled and agreed that I, too, wanted to. At that point, he had no idea I was being serious...until he drove me back to the hotel I was staying at. We had been joined at the hip since then. We married January 9, 2005, during the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas at the Adam & Eve/KSEX Radio booth. I love him with everything in me. It's always nice to have those butterfly feelings in my stomach...especially, when I watch him fuck other women. We have the best relationship ever. He loves the little horny slut that I am, and I absolutely get off on watching him, when he's shooting with other hot women. Where else can you do something like that??? He and I love exchanging our dirty stories from the set, when we get home. This is the most open relationship I have ever had. We have a very strong relationship, and it will only grow stronger with time. I can finally say I have done over 100 movies. It's been fun so far. Aside from porn, I am an amateur boxer and KSEX radio personality, who landed her own show in February 2005. I also play the drums...naked. :-) I love porn -- I always have. Most of all, I love REAL sex. Call me a gonzo girl if you must, but I love it. I know I can't perform forever though. Jack and I have invested some of our time in starting our own production company, and we hope to start producing soon. My entire family knows of what I do, and I am assured everyday that nothing will change their love for me. It took time to get used to, but I can relax knowing that my family still love me. For now -- Whatever happens, happens. There is only one thing I have learned through my experiences. I may be young, but I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Biography Courtesy