Angel Cassidy

Angel Cassidy



  • Alias: Angel Cassidey
  • Born February, 1976 (Aquarius)
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Blonde
Web descriptions depict Angel Cassidy as a busty, voluptuous, athletic, intelligent, outgoing, personable, and an all around lovely lady. Thus far this research has turned up nothing to the contrary.

Angel Cassidy is a lovely blonde, hazel-eyed performer who landed on the adult entertainment stage at the turn of the new millennium and has worked diligently to maintain her persona as a blonde bombshell type with bankable skills in all genres of the business. Moving from modeling live shows and photo shoots to exotic entertainment, and then to soft-core and hard-core performances, this vivacious, voluptuous beauty has progressed through the industry, excelling at each stop along the way.

An intelligent young woman, Angel Cassidy learned early the value of not only performing in the business, but she aspires to producing her own content as well. Along those lines, early into her career she began to manage her own personal website to become more intimate with her audience and to promote her own brand. This business savvy entertainer, mindful of the power of controlling her own destiny, began to host live webcam shows and parlayed that experience into co-producing her first video, "Beauty Within."

As a porn star Ms. Cassidy is sexy and ambitious, beginning a nude modeling career to help pay her college fees. Of her activities in the adult entertainment business, she states that she'll "take it any way you want to give it to her-in the face, down the throat, in the pussy." This woman is insatiable and sexy as hell. So if she wants it, let's give it to her-the hard way or the easy way. She's a big girl; she can take it. Angel Cassidy is an AVN nominated actress and appears in a multitude of films which have captured the hearts of legions of devoted fans!